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Client Testimony

David Harrell, Owner and Operator

Sanoca Farms

Saratoga, NC

"At Sanoca Farms, we grow different types of produce as well as operate a pickling cucumber grading station.  I have been involved in food safety audits for over 15 years.  In the past, I have always completed the audit requirements myself, spending days or weeks stressing over paperwork and developing food safety protocols. In 2018, I found myself in need of professional assistance to ensure our operation was meeting the ever-changing food safety requirements demanded by retailers and regulatory agencies.  I reached out to GAP Ready! Farm Services that year and Paula's assistance in the completion of the audit was a huge success.  She has conducted each of our food safety audits since that time and we plan to continue using her services in the future. 

Food Safety is an integral part of modern agriculture and each year new regulations are created or refined.  As a farmer, I am confident that my time is best spent farming, not documenting food safety policies and procedures.  The GAP Ready! team has allowed me to do just that.  I would recommend them to anyone that needs a food safety program for their operation."

David Jones, Owner and Operator

Big Fork Farms

Bracey, VA

"The GAP Ready! Farm Services team was a tremendous help for myself and my son, David, during our 2021 certification process. As many growers know, becoming GAP certified can be stressful and intimidating.  However, with the help of Paula and Leigh, we were able to complete the process with no issues. They assisted us in guaranteeing all of our records were up to date and even attended the audit to ensure there were no hiccups. The process for 2021 was much easier and less stressful with the help of Paula and Leigh. We look forward to working with them in the future." 

Thomas Sugg, Owner and Operator

Sugg Family Farms

Snow Hill, NC

"Paula has been a huge asset to our farm for several years now.  Not only does prepare us for our audits, but she also maintains our payroll and general bookkeeping records.  Paula's weekly visits ensure that our accounts are up-to-date and that payroll is completed on time and in a correct manner.  I know when I call, Paula will have an answer for me! At Sugg Family Farms, we truly appreciate Paula's dedication to us, as well as her other clients.  We look forward to working with the GAP Ready! team for years to come." 

Craig and Brad West, Owners and Operators

West Family Farms

Fremont, NC

"We have worked with Paula for several years now on tobacco and sweet potato GAP audits.  She has done an outstanding job making sure we are prepared.  She pays attention to all the details and I know when the auditor shows up we are ready.  I cannot imagine doing it without her and certainly don't intend to try. I look forward to work with Paula and Leigh for many years to come."

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